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Management by exception (MBE), when applied to business is a style of management that gives employees the responsibility to take decisions and to fulfill their work or projects by themselves. [1] It consists of focus and analysis of statistically relevant anomalies in the data. If an unusual situation or deviation in the recorded data appears, which could cause difficulties for the business and can’t be managed by the employee at his level, the employee should pass the decision on to the next higher level. [2] For example, if all products are selling at their expected volumes for the quarter, except one particular product which is underperforming or overperforming at a statistically relevant margin, only the data for that product will be presented to the managers for further investigation and discovery of the root cause. Management by exception can bring forward business errors and oversights, [3] ineffective strategies that need to be improved, changes in competition [4] and business opportunities. Management by exception is intended to reduce the managerial load and enable managers to spend their time more effectively in areas where it will have the most impact. [5] [6]

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The Exception - The Exceptional ExceptionThe Exception - The Exceptional ExceptionThe Exception - The Exceptional ExceptionThe Exception - The Exceptional Exception